DSFT Fleet With School in Background


Cessna 152 G-OFRY

G-OFRY On The GroundG-OFRY Cockpit

Cessna 152 Aerobat G-OCPC

G-OCPC On The GroundG-OCPC Cockpit

Cessna 152 G-BMXB

G-BMXB On The GroundG-BMXB Cockpit

Cessna 152 G-HFCL

G-HFCL On The GroundG-HFCL Cockpit

Cessna 152 G-CEPX

G-CEPX On The GroundG-CEPX Cockpit

Cessna 152 G-PPLS

G-PPLS On The GroundG-PPLS Cockpit

Cessna 172 G-DUNK

G-DUNK On The GroundG-DUNK Cockpit

Cessna 172 G-BDZD

G-BDZD On The GroundG-BDZD Cockpit

Cessna 172 G-BOIX

G-BOIX On The GroundG-BOIX Cockpit

Piper Warrior G-CBKR

G-CBKR On The GroundG-CBKR Cockpit

Citabria G-BLHS

G-BLHS On The GroundG-BLHS Cockpit

Scheibe SF25C Falke Motorglider

G-CDSC On The GroundG-CDSC Cockpit

Piper Arrow G-BPZM

G-BPZM On The GroundG-BPZM Cockpit

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