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Gift Voucher Purchase Terms & Conditions

Your Voucher is valid for a period of 6 months from the date written on it. If your flight is not taken within that time you will lose the right to participate in a flight unless you have attempted to fly but have been cancelled by us. 

Our vouchers are non-refundable after a period of 14 days from the date of purchase.


Flights are completely dependent on the weather and are regulated by the Air Navigation Order. It may be necessary to postpone a flight at any time if in our judgment the conditions are not safe or the flight would not be permitted under the Air Navigation Order. We will give you as much warning as possible of any postponement but in order to ensure your safety we reserve the right to postpone flight at any time up to the moment of take off.


It is your responsibility to ensure you are sufficiently insured. We carry limited insurance cover against the risk of any injury or damage to passengers but you may not consider it adequate. You may postpone your flight by speaking to us up to 36 hours before the meeting time for the flight.


You must present the voucher when you attend your flight. If the voucher is not presented, we will need to charge you for the flight. You will be reimbursed once the voucher has been received by us.

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