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Touring Motor Glider Rating

The TMG (Touring Motor Glider) Class Rating allows both PPL & LAPL holders to fly powered motor gliders, giving them the privileges to choose between either long distance unpowered flight or the cruise performance of a standard single engine aircraft.


Course Structure:

The TMG course consists of approximately 5 hours of flight instruction, with a further 2 hours of sufficient ground tuition, covering the following items unique to motorgliding:

  • Use of spoilers for approach control

  • Stopping & restarting the engine in-flight

  • Soaring flight (engine off) and best speeds to fly



We, at Devon & Somerset Flight Training, are in the very fortunate position of being able to offer you training for your TMG rating. We have access to the unique SF25C Rotax Falke, which in addition to the above TMG skills, provides Pilots with the opportunity to train in Electronic Constant Speed Propeller operation and tailwheel flying.


Revalidating your TMG:

The revalidation requirements for the TMG are the same as for the SEP rating, as such, if you hold both an SEP & TMG rating they can be revalidated together, providing you have completed within the proceeding 12 months

  • 12 hours flight time in one of the classes

  • 6 hours as PIC

  • 12 take-offs and landings

  • 1 hour flight with an instructor in the other class

As long as you meet the above requirements in either of the classes then both ratings can be revalidated together (I.e. 12 hours in SEP, 1 hour in TMG or 12 hours in TMG, 1 hour in SEP).

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