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IR(R) Rating

The Instrument Rating Restricted IR(R) course offers the necessary training to allow a pilot to fly in Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IMC). The rating is designed as a rating to improve your VFR flying and will give you much greater confidence in the air, especially when the weather conditions are poor. It must not however be considered as a full Instrument Rating (IR) or used as such in full IFR conditions. The IR(R) is only applicable to those who hold a valid PPL or CPL, it cannot be added to the LAPL licence.


Course Structure:

The course consists of a minimum of 15 hours dual flying instruction, and a further 20 hours of ground theory. In addition to this one ground exam must be taken, preparation for which will be provided adequately by our instructors and the Instrument study guide (Air Pilots Manual Book 5).

The following areas will be covered during your training:

  • Limited and Full panel instrument flying covering all aspects of flight

  • Recovery from unusual attitudes

  • Radio navigation

  • Instrument approaches

  • Missed approach procedures

  • Bad weather circuits



Before you can be granted your IR(R) you must have completed:

  • A minimum of 25 Hours of experience after the grant of your PPL(A)

  • At least 15 Hours dual instruction

  • Completed one theoretical knowledge examination

  • Completed a flight test with a certified examiner

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