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Learning to Fly

Getting Started

The first step towards getting a licence is to take an air experience flight. This will give you the opportunity to experience flight in a light aircraft and should you wish to continue this can be logged towards the licence.

What’s involved

Training towards a licence will involve

  • Ground exams

  • Medical

  • Dual Flight Training

  • Solo Flying

  • Radio Telephony Lessons and Exam

  • Flight Test


The medical certificate is only required to fly solo, so you can undertake the medical examination after training has commenced.

The theoretical knowledge is normally completed through self-study and the exams sat at the flying school. Should you need any extra help, the instructors are available to answer questions or can be booked for ground school as required.


Which Licence?

The UK PPL is an ICAO compliant licence and is recognized worldwide. You can add advanced ratings to the licence such as a Multi Engine Rating and an Instrument Rating.

The concept behind the LAPL was to create a simplified licence with a shorter training course and less onerous medical standards. In the case of aeroplanes, it is limited to a maximum take-off weight of two tonnes and no more than three passengers. The LAPL is only valid in UK airspace. The LAPL also allows for some advanced training such as Aerobatics, Tailwheel and the Night Rating.  


The LAPL can be upgraded to the PPL by completing extra training.


What Aircraft Should I learn in?

We recommend training in the Cessna 152. This simple forgiving aircraft offers the most cost effective route to gaining your licence.


How Long does it take to learn to fly?

Training can be organised to suit your personal requirements. Most people opt to have a 1 hour lesson per week. In this case you can expect it to take around 12 -18 months to complete the course making allowance due to weather cancellations. Should you wish to train more intensively you can arrange to fly around 2-3 hours per day, in which case it would take around 4-6 weeks to complete, weather permitting.


How much does it cost to learn to fly?

All flights are charged on a pay as you go basis per hour and include landings at Dunkeswell. Please take a look at our price list for further details.

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