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Air Experience

An Air Experience is the perfect gift for any Birthday, Christmas or Occasion. Whether you are young or old, everyone can have the chance to take control of a light aircraft and experience the trip of a lifetime. Explore the various options we have to offer and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

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All Electric Aircraft

Experience the future of flight with our Velis Electro. Fly through the air in an eco-friendly, all-electric aircraft for an unforgettable, emission-free adventure. Sky's the limit! *

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*Weight restriction of 85kg for online booking.

For heavier, please contact us directly to arrange.


2 Seat Aircraft

Our Cessna 152 2 Seat training aircraft is perfect for taking the controls on an trial flight*

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4 Seat Aircraft

Our Cessna 172 4 seat aircraft is ideal for sight seeing tours and allows for up to 2 additional guests in the back*

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What's Included


  • Your choice of destination and duration

  • Both two and four seater aircraft available

  • Full pre-flight briefing before flight

  • Hands on flying 90% of the time

  • Souvenir certificate on completion of flight

What to Expect​


Before leaving for the airfield we strongly suggest you give us a call to check the current weather conditions, so that we are able to assess whether the flight will be able to take place. Once we've given you the go ahead, you should aim to arrive with us about 10 minutes before your booking time.

On arrival we will ask you to fill out a couple of forms and introduce you to your flying instructor - at which point you can decide together on the route for your flight. Following this, you will receive a safety briefing and an introduction to the aircraft that you will be flying, running you through the main controls, on-board systems and emergency procedures.

After your briefing you will be taken out to the aircraft for a pre-flight inspection, where your instructor will detail you through the pre-flight checks. Family and friends are welcome to join you to snap those all-important photos!

Your instructor will ensure that you are strapped in securely and once the engine is up and running your instructor will carry out the take-off - and then the flight is yours! Under guidance of the instructor you will be offered to take controls, for as much of the flight as you feel comfortable.

While you are flying, family and friends are more than welcome to stay in the clubhouse, visit our outdoor viewing area or have something to eat/drink in the Aviator Bar & Restaurant.

On return to the airfield your instructor will once again take over and carry out the approach and landing. On touchdown you will be presented with a ‘first flight’ certificate, and may, if you've already decided flying is definitely for you, record your first official hour in your pilot’s logbook. After your flight, please feel free to enjoy everything else the airfield has to offer. Enjoy some lunch in our fantastic cafe/restaurant and watch all manner of aerial activities including parachuting, aerobatics and helicopter flights. Relax and unwind and enjoy your first flight - we hope, the first of many!

Weight Restriction



How long are the vouchers valid for?

Vouchers are valid for 6 months. Expiry dates will be extended accordingly if COVID restrictions mean that the flights cannot temporarily take place.


Can I choose where I fly too?

It's normally possible to choose where to go on our air experiences, subject to any airspace or weather restrictions on the day.


How long can I fly the aircraft for?

Apart from the take off and landing it's possible to fly the aircraft for around 90% of the flight


Are there any age Limits?

The minimum age limit is 9, there is no maximum age limit


How do I book the flight?

To book your flight simply call the office on 01404 891 643. The school is open 7 days a week throughout the year. We recommend booking at least 2 weeks in advance for a weekend slot or around 1 week in advance for a weekday slot.


What does the land away flight involve?

The land away will involve a flight to Compton Abbas Airfield (Approx 40 minutes flying time), stop for tea and cake then the return flight back to Dunkeswell.


I don't need a gift voucher, can I just book in?

Sure. Just call the office on 01404 891 643 to book in, and pay on the day.


What if the weather is bad on the day?

We ask that you call the office on the day of the flight to do a weather check. If conditions for flying are unsuitable it's simply a case of rebooking at no further cost.


Can I take a phone or camera on the flight?

Sure. No problem!


I've decided I want to learn to fly, does the air experience count towards the licence?

Yes - The flight you have with us will be undertaken by a fully qualified flight instructor at a licensed flight training organisation. So the time you have in the air can be your very first entry in your pilot’s logbook.


How far can I fly?

A 30 minute flight would be enough time to fly to the south coast to see Sidmouth and Seaton. During a 60 minute flight you could go as far as Weymouth and back along the Jurassic Coast.


Is there a weight restriction?

The 4 seat air experience allows up to 3 passengers with a combined weight of 230kg (500lbs).

The 2 seat air experience allows 1 person with a maximum weight of 90kg (200lbs).

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